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We develop original software to make online experiences more collaborative. Because people work better together.
Research and Development
Let USER1 help you incubate your next big idea. Our R&D services take you from concept to launch and beyond.
Expert guidance on technology selection, implementation, release, maintenance, and everything in between.
Key Projects
Union is USER1's development platform for creating collaborative applications, such as chat, shared document-editing, and multiplayer games. Union Platform simplifies collaboration technology so developers can focus on core application functionality. Anchored by Union Server, a high-performance, clusterable collaboration server, Union Platform supports client development in any language, and provides development frameworks for HTML5/JavaScript and Adobe AIR. Union has been trusted by developers since 2001, including Prezi, SparkChess, and Megaphone TV. Learn more about Union...
DrawMeeting is USER1's free live chat and team whiteboard service, ready for your next meeting. Featuring instant no-login access, private meeting rooms, lightning-fast messaging, and a persistent drawing gallery, DrawMeeting runs seamlessly in any web browser, with no download or installation required. Tired of everyone being on a different page? Take the hassle out of online group communications. Try DrawMeeting...
Megaphone TV is an Emmy-winning polling and quizzing service for live television and digital broadcasts. In Megaphone-enhanced shows, viewers can use any smartphone or laptop to participate in polls and realtime quizzes. Results appear in realtime, right in the show. Megaphone TV's technology powers live-participation experiences for AMC's Talking Dead, Bravo's Watch What Happens Live!, and news broadcasts around the world. USER1 has been a proud supplier of software and consulting services to Megaphone TV since its earliest inception, and continues to play an active role in the research and development of Megaphone TV's product line. Learn more about Megaphone TV...
Our Services
USER1 offers expertise in the following specialties:
About Us
USER1 was founded by Derek Clayton and Colin Moock in 2008 to make the world's software more collaborative. In 2009, USER1 launched Union Platform, a client-server collaboration framework that has powered hundreds of online multiuser applications—from multiplayer games to shared productivity tools. Through key relationships and original software, USER1 pursues a sole mission: To bring users together.
Derek Clayton
Derek is a seasoned technology leader with expertise in cloud services, scaled network infrastructure, data warehousing, and production tool chains. His specialty is high-capacity, clusterable realtime-collaboration server development and architecture. He has lead engineering teams in the creation of mission-critical software for over 15 years.
Colin Moock
Colin is an internationally acclaimed author and software developer. Before co-founding USER1, Colin penned four best-selling guides to ActionScript programming, including Essential ActionScript 3.0 (O’Reilly, 2007) and The Lost ActionScript 3.0 Weekend (O'Reilly, 2009). Colin's works have guided an entire generation of web developers to programming proficiency.
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